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DragonVale Breeding Sandbox (old version)

*PLEASE NOTE* I know about the rule changes and I'm working on a new sandbox. Please stay tuned.        [ X ]
Some suggested combos for:       (PLEASE read the disclaimer before using)

The biggest misconception in DragonVale is that there are "magic combos" that give you a greater chance of success. For Epics, Opposites and Limiteds, THIS IS JUST NOT TRUE.

For example, there are over 2,000 ways to make a Rainbow. You have the same 1% chance of hitting Rainbow in ALL of them.

Based on this fact, the suggestions usually give you the shortest average wait time if you fail to hit the target. They are NOT the "best," because YOU STILL NEED TO GET LUCKY.

So please don't blindly accept these suggestions. Try to understand why I make them, and find your own using the Combo Finder. And if you feel lucky with a particular combo, go for it. Good luck!

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Select two dragons, try a suggestion, use the Combo Finder or be random.

Please see the FAQ for info on the suggestions and probability. GOOD LUCK!
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