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as of 2013-06-27

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Game Center ID: r0b0-tr0n (those are zeros)

I'd be happy to have you as a friend and check out your islands!
But please don't send gems, unless you're okay with possibly not getting anything in return.
UPDATE --- Now that I can see everyone's name, I'll try to make sure everyone gets a gem back, but please be patient :-)

If I don't respond to your friend request, it probably means I've hit the max of 500 and never saw your request.

Because it has come up a couple of times... no, I do not use jailbroken devices or otherwise cheat! (Not with this park, anyway.)

Check out JustinDaOne's DV Event 2: Island Exhibition 2013 for some nice islands!

Eggs and Shrines


Fire and Lightning

Plant, Earth, Water and Air

Cold and Metal

Double Rainbow Army